Skin Expert, Renée Rouleau Shares Her Winter Skin Care Routine


Now that winter is here and despite what many people think, here in North Texas we get cold. Yes, ice and snow! Granted, it’s in short bursts unlike my days of growing up in Minnesota and Boston where the cold winters linger on and on for months. The heat is definitely cranked up in the house this time of year so my skin is feeling the drying effects of winter and letting me know it needs serious hydration and extra special care.

About my skin: I’m a skin type #2 (oily, combination, occasional breakouts, anti-aging) so I still get breakouts (a few a month) and my skin definitely produces oil but more so in the summer. (What’s your skin type? Find out here.) My skin is dehydrated, not dry which it’s important to know the difference…

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Here are the changes I’m making in my own skin routine this winter to keep it looking soft and smooth.

My Morning Routine:

Step 1: While I love using Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel in the summer, I find that I want something a little milder in the winter so I switch to Purifying Face Wash.  But if I’m really tired in the morning and need a pick-me-up, I’ll always grab for the Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel. The mint botanicals really wake up my mind and get me going and glowing in the morning.

Step 2: I use the Elderberry Toner year round as it works very well for my skin. I apply it to our popular Toning Cloths for an easy application. I love the natural elderberry scent.

Step 3: I always use the Vitamin C&E Treatment under my sunscreen for my daily dose of skin-brightening antioxidant. This also has ingredients in it that make the skin look really smooth under makeup. My aging skin loves it.

Step 4: While my very favorite sunscreen has always been Daily Protection SPF 30 because it dries to a matte finish, with the air being so dry I’m absolutely loving our all-mineral, chemical- free Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30. I formulated it for normal to dry skin types (which is not my skin type) but it goes on so smooth and leaves my skin feeling silky so I’m using this on the really cold, dry days.

Step 5: I then dust on a mineral powder foundation and do a second dusting with ColoreScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder. I will reapply this powder throughout the day (yes, even in the winter you still get damaging UV rays) on my face and my exposed neck, chest and hands too.

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My Evening Routine:

Step 1: Rosemary Mint Cleanser is my go-to evening cleanser to remove my makeup. Plus our Soothing Eye Makeup Remover is so great to remove mascara and shadow for my sensitive eyes. It is oil-free and doesn’t sting at all.

Step 2: I use the Elderberry Toner and of course, I always leave it damp on the skin before applying my next step. In the winter when the heat is on, the dry air is looking for moisture wherever it can get it so leaving your toner damp gives an extra boost of hydration.

Step 3: I use our retinol serum (Advanced Resurfacing Serum) FAITHFULLY for two nights on, one night off and alternate the off nights with either the Skin Correcting Serum, Bio Radiance Night Serum and BHA Clarifying Serum depending on how my skin is acting. All are oil-free so they give excellent hydration without adding the oil.

Step 4: At night, I change it up quite a bit. If I’m experiencing some breakouts and not feeling very dehydrated, Sheer Moisture always works very well on my skin. If I need more hydration, I’ll go with the Hawaiian Nourishing Cream. And if my skin is feeling especially dehydrated, I’ll use a small amount of Phytolipid Comfort Cream. With the Advanced Resurfacing Serum, there are nights when I feel like I need even more and they Phytolipid Cream is perfect for me when used sparingly.

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Step 5: I’m a huge believer in eye creams so I never, ever go without one. I actually only use it at night, but you can certainly use it during the day time. The Firming Eye Therapy is what I’m using now but I’ll change up to the Synergy Eye Cream when I’m done. I love them both.


Year round, I adore (who doesn’t!) our Triple Berry Smoothing Peel used a few times a month and Mint Buffing Beads is always used on my skin at least twice a week in the morning. When I have extra time, I’ll use Bio Calm Repair Masque after the peel. These are my definite glowing skin staples!

Professional Treatment:
My skin really loves the Moisture Infusion Facial in the winter. We use this wonderful collagen-infused mask that is soaked in antioxidants and skin hydrators to drench the skin with comforting moisture. We use warm ultrasound to essentially iron it into the skin for maximum absorption. It feels soooooo good. See the list of our facial treatments offered at Renée Rouleau Skin Care Spas here.

So there you have it, my winter skin care routine. Note: The skin is always changing. Whether it’s from season to season or climate to climate, the skin is constantly trying to adjust itself to keep it balanced and behaving well. It’s really important to adjust your skin care routine, especially when you can feel or see that your products aren’t working as well as they used to.

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