Secrets To Beautiful, Younger-Looking Hands From A Hand Model


When we think of protecting our skin, the images that come to mind are usually slathering our faces in sunscreen.  But did you realize that your hands need a beauty routine as well?  It’s true, and I want to share the secrets I learned from an incredible source—a hand model.

When I was 18, just at the start of my esthetics career and at the beginning of beauty school, I had a fellow classmate that was a hand model. I’m tall, I have long slender fingers, and she convinced me that I too should become a hand model.  It wasn’t as easy as filling out an application though.  I had to get a portfolio together of studio shots of my hands in order to find an agent.  That meant I had to get, and keep, my hands in tiptop shape, and my friend shared her tips with me.

Wear Gloves Whenever Possible:
-Rubber gloves for dish washing
-Cotton gloves (with cream) to wear while sleeping
-Driving gloves to protect from the sun…
-Sometimes cotton gloves were worn throughout the day

Find a Trusted Manicurist:
-Who is gentle and interested in hand care
-Who won’t damage nail beds or cuticles
-Understands a hangnail or nick on the hand is like a face model having a zit on her nose!

Pay Attention to your Diet:

-Cracking or splitting of nails could be a Vitamin B2 deficiency

-Dry, brittle nails could be a Vitamin A or calcium deficiency

-Dry, hardened cuticles could be from lack of Zinc
My friend regularly used bag balm hand cream, got weekly manicures, and exfoliated.  After going on this routine of Protecting, Moisturizing, and Exfoliating, my hands were ready for their debut.  I had shots taken that were ready to be sent out, when the unthinkable happened.  I got a cut on my hand that required stitches – my life as a hand model ended before it began.  Oh well. My career as an esthetician is going pretty well!

It wasn’t all a loss. I learned for lifelong, beautiful hands it is important to develop a routine for protecting them.  Even if you aren’t going to be a hand model.

Did you know the #1 cause of aging on hands is from sunlight contact while on a steering wheel? Be sure to keep your hands protected with a mineral powder with sunscreen like ColoreScience.

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