Signs of Poor Blood Circulation in Your Face? Take the Pinch Test

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Skin on Face Showing Signs of Poor Blood Circulation? Take the Pinch Test!

Here’s how to do the pinch test to see if your face has poor blood circulation:

When the skin is free of makeup, take your thumb and your forefinger and gently pinch off the skin in the apples of your cheeks. Gently (not to the point where you feel pain) pinch the skin quickly five times.

If no pinkness shows up, your skin is more than likely under-circulated. If your skin is a little pink, your skin has good, proper circulation. If the skin is bright red, more than likely your skin is over-circulated.

The goal with circulation is to be right in the middle, not too much and not nothing at all. Let’s dive into more about the symptoms of under and over-circulated skin and how to boost circulation in your face for a healthy glow.

What Are the Signs of Poor Blood Circulation In the Face?

As we age, everything tends to slow down in the body, including blood circulation. When the skin doesn’t have proper blood flow, it can result in sluggish, dull, and tired skin that lacks a glow. This is most commonly found in medium, olive skin tones including (but not limited to) Hispanic, Indian, and Mediterranean complexions. Our skin types #6 and #7 (find yours) are formulated to address these issues.

Benefits of Good Face Circulation

Having good circulation throughout your face can offer a variety of benefits, both in health and appearance. Here a few reasons to focus on increased circulation in your face:

  1. Even-toned skin: Increased blood flow in your skin helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells, resulting in a brighter, more even-toned complexion.
  2. Improved skin health: Proper blood flow works to remove toxins and waste products from skin, promoting a healthier biome with fewer breakouts.
  3. Faster healing: Improved circulation can speed up the skin’s natural recovery process, reducing the appearance of post-breakout marks.
  4. Reduced puffiness: Good circulation can also help to minimize water retention and swelling, leading to a reduction in puffiness around the eyes and face.
  5. Increased Collagen Production: Circulation also stimulates collagen production, which is beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness.

These are just some of the many benefits that come with fixing poor circulation in the skin.

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation In Your Face:

To improve blood flow, try incorporating products containing vasodilators. This will bring fresh blood flowing through the skin so the cells have new oxygen and nutrients. This includes ingredients such as peppermint, rosemary, and ginseng extract, which work to give the skin a pick-me-up!

When applied topically, these ingredients work to dilate the blood vessels, allowing the skin to accommodate more nutrient-rich blood. With continued use, you can get skin that glows!


Looking for an everyday toner that will give your bloods flow a boost? Look for something with a blend of stimulating botanicals, such as Energy Boosting Toner. This toner instantly hydrates cells and reveals brighter, more glowy skin.


Cleansers can also be a great source for awakening dull, tired skin in the morning. Mint Renewal Cleanser uses invigorating mint botanicals and gentle, exfoliating jojoba beads to buff away dry skin cells and increase blood flow. This cleanser uses peppermint oil to bring fresh nutrients to the skin and encourage brightness.

Another great option is Vitamin Infused Cleansing Emulsion, which uses niacinamide, an ingredient known to stimulate blood flow in the skin. Gently massaging any cleanser into your skin will also increase circulation.


Many serums use active ingredients that can help promote collagen production, improving circulation and overall skin health. Redness Care Firming Serum includes peptides and antioxidants that work to improve firmness in skin.

Physical Exfoliants

Similar to Mint Renewal Cleanser, scrubs containing gentle physical exfoliants, like jojoba beads, are great for waking up dull skin. Mint Buffing Beads and Triple Berry Smoothing Scrub are gentle facial scrubs that use perfectly round, biodegradable jojoba beads to buff away dry skin and bring a renewed glow. 

Want to increase circulation from the shoulders down? The Back & Body Buffing Towel is a sanitary alternative to dirty loofahs and messy body scrubs, allowing you to exfoliate and smooth dry, bumpy skin on the body, including hard-to-reach areas like the back. The action of massaging the skin increases circulation and revives tired-looking skin.


Some face masks, like Bio Calm Repair Masque, will contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe redness, irritation, and inflammation. Since inflammation can constrict blood vessels and impair circulation, these ingredients help to widen blood vessels and reverse this.

Additionally, the physical process of applying and rinsing off a mask can increase circulation due to the massaging action.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol, as well as avoid wearing yellow-based colors for makeup and clothing (like mustard and khaki) as they can cause discoloration and make the skin appear sallow. Mineral makeup is a great choice for making your skin look radiant!

What is Over-Circulated Skin?

With age, certain skin types, particularly fair-skinned and those with Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian heritage, are prone to having over-circulated skin, which appears as visible capillaries, redness, and flushing.

This excessive circulation can cause the skin to continually look rosy (note: most all skin types can get visible capillaries around the corners of the nose, this is not the type I’m referring to). Add in a glass of wine, a hot shower, and a workout, and the skin can appear beet red. This overly red skin can be bothersome to some people. Our skin types #4, #5, and #9 (find yours) are formulated to address the issue of over-circulation – which also includes rosacea.

Tips to Improve Blood Circulation In Your Face

The goal here is to calm and sedate circulation by using products containing vasoconstrictors, which help to keep capillaries strong so they aren’t flushing and dilating, causing so much redness. Ingredients such as white tea, chamomile, azulene, Vitamin C (like magnesium ascorbyl phosphate or tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) are all helpful in repairing dilated capillaries. With continued use, you can get calmer, less red skin.

When cleansing the skin at night, be sure to cleanse with tepid, lukewarm water as overly hot water can add to redness. Also, keep your toner, serum, moisturizers, and masks (all products that are left on the skin when using) in the refrigerator, as this will increase their cooling benefits.

When it comes to skin, people often focus on issues like blackheads, dark circles, breakouts, and oiliness – but one missing key in the quest for healthy skin is to ensure skin’s proper circulation. It’s so important that you don’t overlook the skin’s blood flow – using these tricks and tips, you too can have healthy, beautiful skin.

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