Five Surprising Professions That Can Age The Skin Faster

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Updated 5/4/18. Whenever I consult with clients, not only do I ask questions about their skin concerns, but I also inquire about their lifestyle. This includes their occupation, hobbies, medications they take and how often they travel. These factors will have an influence on how the skin behaves and ultimately how it will visibly age. As far as professions go, I have found these five jobs to make the skin look older and I’ll explain why.

What jobs can make the skin look older and age faster?


This profession requires a person to sit in front of a huge window in the cockpit where massive amounts of strong UV light is exposed to the skin and eyes. Since UV light is the #1 cause of wrinkles, along with a pilot being closer to the sun, this can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Since sunscreens don’t filter out 100% of the rays (even when re-applied often), this puts the skin in a vulnerable state. Between cosmic radiation, the fact that airplane windows don’t properly screen out damaging rays, and the statistic that pilots have high incidents of skin cancer, you can see why this profession can affect the skin.

Flight attendants can experience some of this, but they are less exposed to the UV rays since they are walking around the cabin and not sitting directly in front of the cockpit window.

Whenever I travel on an airplane, this is the #1 rule that I follow to lessen UV damage.

Truck driver

Similar to a pilot, this job can make your skin look older faster because it gives a lot of exposure to daily UV rays. For truck drivers, this is through the front windows of a truck, which do not filter out damaging UVA rays. (UVA rays are the aging rays while UVB are the tanning and burning rays.) The challenge with this profession is that drivers are not aware they are getting sun damage because they are not outdoors and the UVA exposure is not seen. A tan or a burn is an obvious indicator of sun exposure, but without signs of a tan, drivers don’t even think of wearing sunscreen. If you want to see evidence of how a truck driver can age faster but on ONE side of the face? Look at this photo.

U.S. President

Every few years, I take a cosmetic chemistry course at UCLA. One of the times, they presented a study on how U.S. Presidents will age more significantly when they are in office. The conclusion was that the job is consistently demanding and tremendously stressful. The study including pictures of many former Presidents before, during and after their terms in office. It was truly astonishing how much and how quickly their physical appearance had aged.

In fact, Hilary Clinton said back in 2011, “Every president, if you watch what they look like when they come into office, you can see their hair turn white because it’s such a hard job.”

Stress really does affect our skin and bodies. It is now well accepted that stress can cause almost any illness or disorder to worsen or to become more pronounced. In some cases, stress may be the sole factor in triggering a biological issue.

Athletes that play sports outdoors

A job that can make the skin look older are ones that require both physical activity and outdoor sun exposure. Professional beach volleyball players, tennis players, surfers, bicyclists, skiers and marathon runners will visibly age more quickly due to massive amounts of sun and daylight exposure. Additionally, these professions cause tremendous wear and tear on the body. Exercise increases oxygen which then creates more free radicals that lead to visible aging. Read about the free radical theory of aging.


Someone who chooses a job for their passion of cooking can potentially look older faster. For those who work in a hot kitchen and are exposed to extreme heat from ovens and stoves, they may experience erythema (redness) and discoloration. This is where the skin can appear red with brown pigment. When the skin’s internal temperature has been increased, melanin cells are stimulated resulting in brown patches on the skin. Additionally, heat can permanently dilate capillaries resulting in red, visible veins on the skin. Together, the skin can take on an older-looking appearance. Read how to prevent broken capillaries.

So there you have it. Five jobs that can make the skin look older by causing excessive wear and tear. Those who hold these professions must work a little harder to keep their skin protected. It certainly can be done if it’s important enough to someone. Knowledge is power and learning to care for your skin in the best way possible will deliver great results.

How can I make the skin not look older as quickly?

Get to know your skin type.

I encourage everyone to get familiar with their skin type so they can use the best products for their skins unique needs. Take this Skin Type Quiz.

Be sure you’re applying sunscreen correctly.

Learn how to apply sunscreen to the face and neck.

Don’t damage your skin’s barrier.

Learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy protective barrier.

Follow my 10 skincare rules.

These are the 10 skincare rules that I swear by and I think you should, too.

Consult with a skin professional.

So many people go it alone when trying to figure out the best way to care for their skin. However, there are times when consulting with a professional can be very beneficial for taking out the confusion that you might have and give you a true game plan for your skin. Schedule a virtual consultation with a licensed esthetician.

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