Dark Circles? Our Vitamin C Eye Serum to the Rescue!

We were very honored to have our Vitamin C Serum featured in Real Simple Magazine in a story talking about solutions to dark circles.

Our Vitamin C Eye Serum is an age-defying eye treatment formulated with time-released, no-sting Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) to repair sun damage, brighten, smooth and hydrate the delicate eye area. This unique blend of ingredients sends moisture deep into the skin surface, yet is so lightweight it won’t weigh down the fragile eye area, cause makeup to run, or seep into the eyes causing unnecessary puffiness. It leaves skin feeling noticeably silky smooth and more resilient.

What exactly are dark circles?

Darkness under the eye area is because the skin is extra thin, allowing the blood vessels to show from under the skin.  The most common reason for thinning in this area is long-term, overuse of Retinol products, genetics and/or loss of collagen and “plumpness” from aging.  Some people can also have deep inset bone structure that can cause a shadow under the eye, making darkness appear. Also, some people can get what is referred to as “leaky vessels” as they age. This is when the blood leaks from the capillaries and can cause under eye darkness because of the excessive blood…

Read more about solutions for dark under eye circles.

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  1. What eye cream should I get if I am suffering from dark circles and clogged pores around my eye area? My previous eye cream has caused me to develop tiny bumps that I can’t really see but I can feel. I also have one bump that is flat and slightly red between my eye and the side of my nose.

    Thank you!

    Posted By: Ashlee  | 

  2. Hey I need this cream coz i’m tired of my dark circle … kindly tell me the procedure to buy it … I neef it doon do I have an option of online shopping coz I need it in india

    Posted By: vikram singh  | 

    • Our new Vitamin C Eye Brightener comes out in a week so order that on our website when it becomes available.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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