The Biggest Lesson I Learned From My Mom About Beauty

Renee Rouleau with her mother

I was recently asked to participate in a story for the website where top makeup, nail and skincare experts would share their favorite tips they learned from earlier generations such as their mothers, aunts or grandmothers. I’m so used to being interviewed for stories where I share my expert solutions to skin problems, so this one was a nice change.

A lot of the experts shared DIY home recipes or words of wisdom about beauty, but what I learned from my Mother was a little different.

Here is what I shared.

“Aside from my grandmother owning her own beauty salon and being a great role model for me on how to have a career in the beauty business, I would have to say my own personal beauty lessons were from my mom. She always washed her face every night and performed a full skin care routine — eye cream included. And at 79, her skin is beautiful. In addition, my mother got facials every six weeks. (In fact, I later became business partners with her esthetician!)

But my beauty lessons were not in what she told me but rather, following her example. What I know for sure is that beauty is more than skin deep. Something as simple as washing her face and applying cream and most importantly, taking an hour out of her busy life raising four children to get a facial, was her way of showing me that she’s important. As women, we’re so busy taking care of everyone else that we often forget about caring for ourselves. When she cares for her skin, she’s caring for herself. So the best beauty lesson I ever learned from her was the importance of self-care to build your own self-worth.” Read the entire feature here.

What made this feature particularly exciting was that it came out on Thanksgiving. My stepfather passed away six months ago and my Mom was all alone in Wisconsin for the holiday this year. I emailed my Mom the link to the feature and called her right after and told her to check her email. “Click on the link I sent you and scroll down.” Oh, the joy she had when she saw the picture of her and me on the Today Show website! She’s a huge fan of the show and was so excited. This definitely brought a lot of happiness to her Thanksgiving day. She’s always been proud of me and me of her, too.

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