Step-By-Step Mini Facial Demonstration

A few years back I joined Twitter. I use it to share my skin care tips and tricks and answer your skin questions. Recently, I “live-tweeted” a step-by-step demonstration of a mini facial.

If you missed it or you’re not on Twitter, here’s my tweets in sequence, complete with photos as I give my skin a mini facial in my bathroom at home.

Step 1 of a mini facial: Choose a facial scrub with gentle, round beads. Tonight I will be using this. (Click here to see photo)

Step 2: Apply a quarter size amount to damp skin and rub in small circular motions like this. (Click here to see photo)

I rinsed my Mint Buffing Beads off and I like to give a final wipe with one of my facial sponges. (Click here to see photo)

Next I apply Triple Berry Peel on for exfoliation. My peel is on…am I looking scary?? It gives a mild tingling sensation. (Click here to see photo)

Next step: Choose a skin serum. I’ve been breaking out a little so I’m using this one. (Click here to see photo)

Just applied the serum, it’s clear so not a whole lot to see but it’s doing it’s job. (Click here to see photo)

Oh! Look who just came in my bathroom to see what all the fuss was about! Duke! (Click here to see photo)

Next up is moisturizer. I know it’s so hard to find the perfect fit, but this is my fave. (Click here to see photo)

Moisturizer applied to face and neck. Now eye cream–so important! (Click here to see photo)

Applying eye cream. Ring finger, patting motions, outside in, on the bone. (Click here to see photo)

My skin feels great! Ready for some beauty rest! (Click here to see photo)

So there you have it. That’s how I give my skin a mini facial at home!

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