Should You Avoid Using Moisturizer at Night to Let Your Skin Breathe?

A common misconception is that you should (occasionally) avoid using a nighttime cream to let your skin breathe, but it is in fact a myth and not a good habit to get into for two reasons.

1. Your skin doesn’t perform the function of respiration, so the concept of your skin breathing is actually false.

2. Skin cells are like fish and need water to live. Without it, your cells dehydrate and the health of the skin is compromised. (Not to mention, increased oil production and breakouts. Read: Five Ways to Reduce Oil Production). 

Your skin is in its reparative state at night because, while you sleep, your skin is at rest and not being exposed to the environmental stressors that age the skin. Performing your nighttime specific routine with the use of moisturizer can really help repair your skin and help to control how quickly your skin ages. At bedtime after cleansing and toning, apply a moisturizer, 365 nights a year.

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