Five Skin Tips to Help Dry, Cracked Winter Hands

For many people, dry hands in the winter can be a real problem. The lack of moisture in the air combined with the drying heat can take a toll on the hands. Add in all the alcohol-based hand sanitizers being used to prevent colds and flu’s, and it really makes for rough, cracking dry hands. Here’s my tip for keeping hands soft and moist all winter long.

#1 Wear gloves whenever possible. Not only does it help protect your skin from the dry elements of the air, but also when worn in public places, there is no need for the use of hand sanitizers as your hands are already protected. (See the winter gloves I got as a Christmas present that allow me to protect my hands while still being able to use my touch screen phone!)

Also, be sure to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes and always keep hand lotion by your sink, so it’s conveniently located right at your fingertips.

#2 Exfoliate using with glycolic acid. Don’t think exfoliation is exclusively for the face. Your hands could also benefit from removing dry skin cells.  Two nights a week I like to exfoliate my hands by mixing a few drops of AHA Smoothing Serum 20% in with hand lotion. It turns the lotion into an exfoliating lotion and really, really helps to keep my hands baby soft and moist…

#3 Keep hand lotion in your bag and use throughout the day. Keeping lotion on the hands throughout the day is essential, especially after washing your hands when the water tends to be drawn out of the skin into the dry air. Apply at least twice during the day.

#4 Moisturize and sleep with cotton gloves. Applying a good moisturizer to the hands before sleeping is a must in the winter, but sleeping with cotton gloves can really repair dry, cracked hands. I know it’s not always practical to sleep with gloves, but even if you can do it once a week, it will really make a difference.

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5) Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night. To best prevent dry skin, it’s important to keep moisture in the air. The nightly use of a humidifier helps you do just that. Keep it in the place where you spend the most time – your bedroom. By keeping moisture in the air, you can keep it in your skin as well.

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  1. What are your favorite lotions to use?

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  2. Glycolic Serum in lotion?!! Genius!! Never thought my hands needed that type of treatment too!! Gotta try it!!

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