OMG! Find Out Why This Skin Sin Is Now Trending

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Sleeping in makeup?! No way, we all know better, right? But at one point or another, we’ve all been there – including yours truly. After a late night out, a long work day, or just flat-out forgetfulness, falling asleep with makeup on is something we’ve all come to know. But what if I told you that this age-old skin sin is now something not only trending but even encouraged? As we make our way into 2024, I expect we will be seeing a surge in what they say is lightweight, “sleep-safe” makeup products that are “infused with skincare ingredients.” Now, are these actually safe for your skin? I’ve got thoughts!

So, What Does Sleep-Safe Makeup Entail?

Tinted sunscreens have been around for a while now and, when applied correctly, are a popular way of obtaining both even-toned skin (from the tint given off by makeup) AND sun protection with skin-safe ingredients. So, it’s no surprise that brands started looking for ways to make all makeup products like this. From color-correcting balms to hydrating blushes, and even skin tint serums, it’s hard not to find interest in a beauty routine entirely composed of potential skincare benefits. 

The downside is that you can’t be sure that your skin isn’t going to still face reactions to extended wear of these products. I also think it’s important to be cautious that the term “sleep safe” or some other variant might be more of a marketing tactic rather than a scientifically proven concept (this is where common sense comes in!).

The Reality Of Sleeping In Makeup

We’ve all been told countless times (from me and most all skincare experts!) that sleeping in makeup can bring on an array of skin concerns. The thing is, the issue isn’t technically the makeup formula, but rather the length of time that makeup is on the skin without washing. When your skin is unwashed for 24 hours, that leaves a lot of oil and debris build-up that can clog your pores and lead to bumps and breakouts. This is why it is critical to wash your face morning and night, whether you wear makeup or not. 

What’s a good solution? As I talk all about in this blog post, If you wash your skin and do your routine right before you go out at night, then sleep with your makeup on but wash it again first thing when you wake up, then wearing makeup for 12 hours (the same general length of time you do during the daytime) should be fine. Of course, I wouldn’t do this all the time but this is a strategic way of going about it if you think you’ll be too tired when you get home after a late night.

And of course, you absolutely need to be using a well-formulated makeup-removing cleanser

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