Is Wearing Foundation Makeup Daily Bad For Your Skin?

Many people shy away from wearing makeup every day. They think that by wearing it, they are clogging the pores and suffocating the skin. Leaving the skin bare has always been thought to be the better way to go for healthy skin. As an esthetician with 25 years of hands on experience with skin, I actually disagree with this philosophy completely.

For starters, a foundation makeup can come in the form of a moisturizing liquid (if your skin is dry and more mature), an oil-free liquid (if your skin is combination to normal) or a powder if your skin is oily and acne prone. As long as you’re using makeup that’s appropriate for your skin type, you shouldn’t run into any problems with clogging your pores.

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As for makeup suffocating the skin and not letting it “breathe”, the skin can’t perform the functions of respiration, so there is no worry there.

The fact is, wearing makeup (appropriate for your skin type) offers a barrier of protection against harmful UV rays. UV rays from the sun is the #1 reason for skin aging. It’s not genetics, smoking, and believe it or not, even age. The sun is the skin’s WORST enemy. Most types of makeup contain sunscreen and even if they don’t indicate an SPF number, most have UV-protecting ingredients like Titanium Dioxide. Based on this benefit from wearing makeup, I never leave my skin bare and never suggest my clients to do so either. So do your skin a favor and start wearing makeup NOW, to protect your skin from wrinkles in your future.

Note: Foundation makeup IS NOT a substitute for wearing a sunscreen as your daily moisturizer. Makeup can simply act an insurance policy to ensure your skin gets the full protection it needs from damaging rays given off by the sun and daylight. (I recommend this one to my clients because it’s very lightweight and won’t clog the pores.)

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