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Skin Care Rules To Follow

Renée’s 10 Skin Care Rules She Swears By

30 years as an esthetician is a long time being immersed in the ever-changing world of skin care. As someone ... Continue
The Beginner’s Skincare Guide to Healthy Aging

The Beginner’s Skincare Guide to Healthy Aging

Updated 10/21/17. The definition of "anti-aging": products or techniques designed to prevent the appearance of getting older. As an esthetician, ... Continue
botox and dermal fillers

Thinking About Getting Botox or Fillers? Read this First.

Things to Consider Before Getting Botox or Dermal Fillers. Updated 2/20/18. Not a week goes by without someone asking me, ... Continue
do prescription retinoids and retinol cause thinner skin

Retinol And Prescription Retinoids: Do They Make The Skin Get Thinner?

Updated 4/4/18. Now more than ever, almost every skin expert on the planet is preaching the skin-smoothing, wrinkle-reducing, brown spot-fading ... Continue
How To Prevent Adult Hormonal Breakouts

How To Prevent Adult Hormonal Breakouts

Of all of the types of blemishes, the ones that are due to hormones and "that time of the month" ... Continue
how to prevent wrinkles
Anti Aging

The 10 Best Ways To Prevent Wrinkles—Starting NOW

Updated 5/2/18. Now more than ever, there is much awareness of the desire to prevent wrinkles by getting a jump ... Continue
THIS Is Mother Nature’s Natural Wrinkle Reducer
Anti-Aging, Anti Aging

THIS Is Mother Nature’s Natural Wrinkle Reducer

Updated 3/11/17. For those who are in their 50s and beyond, you may find that age brings many positive things ... Continue
Do Eye Creams Really Work?
Eye Care

Do Eye Creams Really Work?

Updated 1/8/18. One time I was flipping through a magazine when I read a quote from a top beauty editor, "I never ... Continue
Aging, Anti Aging

Five Guaranteed Ways To Look OLDER Than Your Age

Updated 8/2/17. As an esthetician working hands-on with clients, looking younger is the most common request I get, especially from ... Continue
birth control pills can cause brown spots
Hormones, Skin by Age

How Do Birth Control Pills Affect Your Skin?

Updated 2/1/18. For many young women, taking birth control pills are a part of a daily routine. Beyond the obvious ... Continue