Which Celebrity Had The Best Skin At The 2013 Oscars?


During the 2013 Academy Awards show, I was live Tweeting and posting on our Facebook page my personal opinions, as well as tips on how to achieve beautiful celebrity skin.

While there were many gorgeous people in attendance, in my opinion, Kerry Washington got my vote for the most beautiful skin. As an African-American, Kerry  has to be very careful with her skin because every blemish, lip wax, microdermabrasion, accidental finger scratch or any type of trauma to the skin can cause the skin to create dark discoloration. This is why it’s so important that darker skin types exfoliate more often (like with BHA Clarifying Serum) than lighter skin as well as use a natural skin lightener (like Vitamin C&E Treatment) to keep pigment from forming so easily. I’m sure Kerry wears good makeup that can hide any possible pigmentation she may have but from the look of this photo, there isn’t any showing from underneath. To me, it shows she takes really good care of her skin.

Aside from her skin looking so flawless, I loved the color she chose to wear. That bright coral Miu Miu dress truly enhanced the natural glow in her skin and the brightness from

her blush color really pulled it all together. I think makeup and clothing colors can make a big difference in how your skin looks. She simply glowed. Whatever you’re doing to your skin Kerry, keep it up!

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Here’s a re-cap of some of my Tweets and Facebook posts from last night.

Jessica Chastain…wow, beautiful porcelain skin. Now there’s someone who protects her skin from the sun.

Jessica Chastain has freckles. A natural skin lightener like this one will help to keep those at bay. See it here.

Many celebs only flew in last night for the #Oscars. Here’s my advice for post-flight skin care. Read here.

How do celebrities get picture perfect perfect skin on the #ERedCarpet? I’ve got the scoop here. 

When you’re showing as much cleavage as Samantha Barks is, you better treat your ta-ta’s as well as you do your skin!

Someone with fair, sensitive skin like Reese Witherspoon should avoid aggressive treatments like microdermabrasion.

If you are in your 40’s and have skin similar to Octavia Spencer, here are some tips for you. Read here.

Channing Tatum’s wife Jenna is pregnant. Here’s the tips I’d give to her to PREVENT stretch marks. Read here.

Kerry Washington…now her skin is beautiful. So even-toned. She glows. Would love to get my hands on her pretty face.

If you’re in your 30’s and have skin of color like Kerry Washington, these skin tips are for you. Read here.

For age 65, I’d say Jacki Weaver‘s skin is aging well. Here’s skin tips for those in their 60s. Read here.

Amanda Seyfried is gorgeous but thin, fair skins don’t always age well. This skin type can get crepey so skin-plumping ingredients are good.

At age 22, Jennifer Lawrence has her whole career ahead of her. Good skin care habits NOW can mean gorgeous skin for a lifetime.

Speaking of girls in their early 20s, here’s how my gorgeous celeb client Demi Lovato cares for her skin. Read here.

I so appreciate that Sally Field is aging GRACEFULLY. She still looks like herself unlike so many other aging Hollywood starlets!

Fair, Irish skins like Melissa McCarthy‘s are prone to redness. Avoid, sun, spicy food & really hot showers.

Cosmetic surgery is out, good skin care is in. Agree? Read my REAL thoughts on plastic surgery + injectables. Read here.

Jennifer Hudson has lost a lot of weight. Read how losing (and gaining) weight affects the skin. Read here.

Catherine Zeta Jones has a type of skin that might lose its glow with age. Here’s my skin glowing tips. Read here.

Before red carpet events, I tell my celeb clients to drink peppermint tea to get glowing skin. #Oscars

Anne Hathaway is showing a lot of skin on her back. A good pre-Oscar, cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating back treatment is a must!

Love those amazing cheek bones on the face of Charlize Theron. Her makeup is a bit too bronzy, yellowy for my taste but she does have great skin.

Bradley Cooper…so cute but a girl could wreck up her skin kissing you! Tips to save your skin from your man’s facial hair. Read here.

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product in the world, if Charlize Theron wears it daily, her gorg skin will look youthful forever!

Many celebs will get cortisone shots for their cystic blemishes before the #Oscars. I have a better solution. Read here.

Does Jennifer Aniston ever get older? Her skin is great and she isn’t going to extreme measures to look so, unlike her “Friends” co-star.

High def TV shows….everything! Here’s my tips to ensure great looking skin on TV or video. Read here.

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