The Perfect Travel Toiletry Bag


Updated 12/8/14. I travel regularly, both domestically and internationally, and when packing for each trip, I insist on packing ALL of my skin care products to keep my skin looking its best. Unfortunately, this means I can never do only a carry-on bag but my skin is more important to me then a bit of time-saving. Because of this, I’m forever on the search for the best travel toiletry bag to keep my entire skin care and beauty routine organized.

For me, a travel toiletry bag must be…

-big and roomy. I want one bag that fits everything to avoid a bunch of separate bags.

-made of a soft, flexible material to be able to squeeze and mold into a suitcase along with my clothes and shoes.

-able to conveniently sit on a sink counter (right where I need it) without falling over. I’m no longer a fan of the toiletry bags you have to hang on a back of a door.

My current solution (and one that’s really working for me) for traveling with skin and hair care products is using heavy-duty freezer zip-top bags. I label each bag as either “A.M.”, “P.M.” or “Shower” and I store them inside a LaPoshé bag that I found online. Within the freezer bags, each liquid product is also stored individually in smaller zip-top sandwich bags to prevent product leakage.

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I find this set up works really well for me for all the reasons listed above. Is my search for the perfect toiletry bag over? Let’s just say it is until I find the next best thing.

NOTE: I do use a separate smaller bag exclusively for makeup.

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