Skin Care Starting at a Young Age


Recently my 18 year old niece came down to Texas from Maine to spend her spring break with me and since my whole world revolves around skin, the topic of skin care came up in our conversation many times. My oldest sister, (Katie’s mother) has been ordering my products for herself and her girls for many years and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my niece say she has been using my Daily Protection SPF 30 every day (even during the cold, snowy Maine winters) since she was 15 years old. Impressive!

I’m happy to see young girls like Katie, as well as many of my clients’ daughters practicing such good skin care habits like the daily application of sunscreen. There really has been so much awareness in recent years about the importance of caring for your skin starting at such a young age.

Even though I entered into the beauty business at Katie’s age, I didn’t actually wear sunscreen everyday until age 26, simply because as someone who has oily/acne prone skin (I’m a skin type #2), there was no sunscreen formulas yet available that were compatible with mine that didn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or clog my pores. (I now wear Daily Protection SPF 30 daily–and love it!) Granted, I certainly know it’s never too late to start protecting your skin from the #1 cause of premature aging (the sun’s damaging UV rays) but boy, how lucky these young girls are if they make the effort early…

If you have young children in your life, teaching them the importance of caring for their skin is such a great gift not only for their appearance, but also for a boost of self-esteem. The simple act of washing your face and applying moisturizer is a way of treating yourself well and with respect. To me, skin care is more than an aesthetic issue, it is about self-care. As someone who has worked with women affected by domestic violence, beauty is truly skin deep.

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