Sensitive Eyes? Tips for Choosing the Right Eye Cream

Does this sound familiar? “My eyes are really sensitive and I have a hard time finding an eye cream that won’t cause irritation.”

Here are some great skin care tips for those with sensitive eyes.

Avoid using eye creams containing synthetic fragrances. The #1 cause of allergic reactions to skin care products is the use artificial perfumes that are so often used in skin care formulas. Particularly when used around the very delicate skin in the area, a chance of a negative reaction is increased. Look at the jar or bottle of eye cream and make sure it does not use the ingredients ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’.

At Renée Rouleau, we do not use artificial perfumes in any of our skin care products or eye creams.

Eye cream should be applied to the bone area only. Anything closer, the cream can seep into the eyes causing puffiness and irritation…

See our Synergy Eye Cream, Vitamin C Eye Serum and Firming Eye Therapy.

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