Renee Rouleau Reveals Her Makeup-Free Skin at Age 44

My celebrity client, Demi Lovato recently revealed her makeup free skin in People Magazine here, Peyton List reveals hers here and Jennifer Aniston did the same online here. So, if they are all loving the skin they’re in and revealing makeup-free skin, I figured I’d join them by showing my bare skin to my loyal blog readers. At age 44, more redness, wrinkles and fine lines are appearing, I still get occasional hormonal breakouts, but overall, I’m loving the skin I’m in. I was given some pretty good genetics and, combined with having given a lot of special care to my skin over the past 30 years (25 of them as an esthetician), I feel my efforts have rewarded me. I also attribute a much smoother texture these past two years to having introduced the ingredient retinol to my skin with my Advanced Resurfacing Serum. If you’ve watched this video, you know how scientifically proven this ingredient is and why I consider it an absolute must-have for every one of my clients. If you haven’t watched it, watch it here now.

I hope, with the use of a good skincare routine of Renée Rouleau products for your skin type, that you, too, are loving the skin you’re in. You are beautiful!

By the way, I originally had posted a different photo of me with bare skin on Instagram here, but it was taken at night, so you couldn’t really see my true skin that well with the lighting, so I re-took another one with daylight coming through my bathroom window.

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