Observations From a Skin Care Trade Show


Recently, I attended a trade show here in Dallas where thousands of skin care professionals came to see the latest offerings (both in spa and at home) for achieving youthful, more glowing skin. I always love to go to these shows to network with peers, as well as get inspired by new technology to bring back for my staff and clients. Here are a few observations that I’ve always known, but was again reminded of.

Airbrushing Can Do Wonders

For people like myself, who are the face of their skin care company, there is a lot of pressure to make our own skin beautiful, since after all, if our skin doesn’t look good, what does that say about the products we create?

It’s always interesting to me to see what some of these men and women look like in person, which allows me to see the face they’re putting forward on their website and in trade magazines is not always their face in real life. For some, every wrinkle, fine line and flaw is airbrushed away, when clearly their face tells a different story. I understand why it’s done, it’s a part of the industry, but it  certainly is deceiving. Of the photos of myself plastered all over my website, I have yet to have a photo retouched. It’s just a personal decision…

Being Entertaining Works

At the show, I noticed one girl’s booth seemed particularly packed with people. Whenever there is a booth attracting lots of attention, you automatically gravitate towards it to see what all the buzz is about. I poked my head in to see what she was selling – come to find out it was a makeup primer. I overheard her saying, “this makeup primer is amazing. It’s like Chanel and MAC had a baby!” I laughed and so did others. Having a fun personality with catchphrases seemed to be a winning strategy for her to get traffic to her booth.

Anything Goes

The main observation I had, as I’ve had at every trade show I attend, is just how much people will tell you what you want to hear just to get you to buy their product. There are certain genetic traits that, short of surgery, cannot completely vanish (for example, dark circles and sagging skin). Yes, there are without a doubt products that can help. But when I hear things like “it’s like a face lift in a jar,” and “this will get rid of all your dark circles,” this is just not the case. But so many people buy into this, both professionals and consumers alike, because they’re looking for hope to get their skin to a better place. It is my belief that the secrets to healthy beautiful skin are: products for home care, consumer compliance, education, and living a healthy lifestyle. Good, quality products matter. Professional treatments such as facial and peels are needed to enhance results. You have to have willingness to commit to your skin and make it a priority, as well as get informed and learn why your skin does what it does. Lastly, caring for your body with healthy diet and lifestyle choices is crucial for not only your own health, but the health of your skin as well.

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