Need Personalized Skin Advice? Introducing My Skin Prescription

No matter age, skin type, lifestyle or environment, almost everyone has skin concerns they want to fix to achieve optimal skin harmony. Whether it’s blemishes, aging, dark spots or dehydration, the solutions and professional advice from both me and my estheticians is now easily obtained through a personalized skin consultation.

Introducing My Skin Prescription: a holistic, intrinsic and extrinsic skin analysis and consultation designed as a total skin experience available via Skype™, FaceTime®, over the phone or in person at our Dallas and Plano, Texas skin care spas.

I have always known that that when it comes to skin, the “one size fits all” method doesn’t work, and that’s why I’ve created my “Nine Skin Types” approach. Using a proper, personalized skin care routine is the foundation for healthy, beautiful, younger-looking skin. Professional skin treatments such as peels, lasers and facials enhance and further complement these products but how you care for your skin, body and self every day will make the biggest difference of all. I created My Skin Prescription to provide you the tools, know-how and knowledge needed to make the right choices exclusively based on YOUR unique skin needs…

For pricing and more information about My Skin Prescription click here.

What are the steps for My Skin Prescription?

STEP 1: “What are your top skin concerns?” The beginning of the My Skin Prescription process begins with a Q&A discussion of your specific skin concerns and goals. Through a series of comprehensive questions, responses given provide insight into individual skin types, needs and deficiencies.

STEP 2: “What do we see in your skin?”
 See 3D photos of your skin using our exclusive Skin Diagnosis Camera to measure past sun exposure, pore size, sebum quantity, moisture content, hyperpigmentation, cellular buildup and a visual effect of the overall health and condition of the skin. The camera takes photos that enable us to analyze skin with graphs and 3D images. (This step is not available via Skype™, FaceTime® or over the phone.)

STEP 3: “How do you feed your skin?” 
Your esthetician will review nutritional recommendations prepared exclusively for your skin type provided by Registered Dietitian, Keri Gans.

STEP 4: “What’s in your cabinet?”
 Bring your current skin care products to your video or in person appointment for an unbiased evaluation. Through our Cosmetic Donation Program, any products that you choose to no longer use, Renée Rouleau will gladly donate them to women in need at The Family Place. [NOTE: As of June 18, 2015, The Family Place in Dallas, TX no longer accepts gently used skin care, body or cosmetic products, only unused items. However, we encourage you to check with other shelters in your area to see if they will accept gently used donations.] For those outside of Dallas, read: How To Donate Your Gently Used Beauty Products

STEP 5: “What’s your sunscreen IQ?” A dedicated Sunscreen Analysis to measure the precise sunscreen application of each individual and reveals how each guest applies sunscreen moisturizer, both effectively and ineffectively. After the sunscreen tutorial, you’ll get answers to frequently asked SPF questions.

STEP 6: “What’s your Skin Prescription?” Your esthetician will choose your skin type, provide a treatment plan addressing your skin issues, concerns and goals, along with product suggestions to reveal healthy, glowing and beautiful skin for a lifetime.

My Skin Prescription also includes:

·       Skin type customized skin tips and tricks

·       Regularly scheduled emails with personalized skin tips

·       A “No-Picking” skin contract for those who need no skin-picking accountability

·       Online educational resource and support

·       Esthetician follow-up to measure program success

For pricing and more information about My Skin Prescription click here.

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