Mother Nature’s Sunscreen: Aspen Trees


On a recent visit to Aspen, Colorado, I learned something fascinating about Aspen trees, those white-barked, tall, skinny trees found in cold regions like Colorado and Alaska. The side of the tree that faces the sun “perspires” and gives off a white powder coating (called bloom) that can be used to wipe on the face as a natural sunscreen for the skin. In the past, Native Americans used this powder for sun protection.

Since it is unlikely that you have an Aspen tree growing in your yard, be sure to protect your skin during the day with a good SPF moisturizer like our Daily Protection SPF 30. But… if you’re ever out in the woods going for a hike and need additional sun protection, look for an Aspen tree! According to Mother Nature and me, sun protection never goes out of style!…

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