How Will Your Skin Age? It’s Based on Your Ethnicity

For every ethnicity, you’re prone to certain skin characteristics. Here is what you can expect:

Light skin tone (for example: Norwegian, Swedish, Scottish, Irish)- small pores, thin skin, prone to dryness, prone to sensitivity, less likely to develop acne, prone to redness, visible capillaries, increased chance of getting rosacea, more surface fine lines and wrinkles  but with fewer deep lines.

Medium skin tone (for example, French, Italian, Russian, Asian)-thicker skin, large pores, more deep wrinkles but less fine lines, oily/combination skin, increased chance of getting acne,  prone to discoloration/brown spots, under eye puffiness, loss of skin tone (sagging) with age, and a tendency towards dull, tired-looking skin.

Dark skin tone (for example, African American, Indian, Middle Eastern)-dark circles under the eyes, post-breakout dark marks that linger, oily skin, large pores, increased chance of getting acne, facial hair for adult women, fewer noticeable lines and wrinkles, and loss of skin tone (sagging) with age.

Every person and every skin is different, so these are generalizations.

Bottom line: We all have to accept our genetic skin traits, but follow our blog, Twitter and join our Facebook Fan page for helpful tips to get your skin looking its best!…

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