How to Ensure Natural Looking Results From Botox

Botox has truly been one of the most revolutionary professional procedures in the quest for younger-looking skin. While I am a fan of this procedure, I know that Botox can be tricky sometimes, and one of the problems that I observe with people is that their Botox can cause excessively peaking and/or uneven eyebrows when performed in this area.

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When it comes to Botox, it truly comes down to experience. An experienced injector will likely know all the tricks and skill that come with time. But even the most experienced injector cannot make up for how your own face reacts to having Botox done. Add in the fact that both sides of the face are different, and one eyebrow is usually higher than the other, this can make for less than perfect results.

If you’re having a Botox procedure performed, here’s some helpful tips…

-Schedule a two-week follow-up appointment (since it takes Botox that long to settle in) because the last thing you want is uneven eyebrows or an unnatural peak in both. Your injector can make adjustments to ensure the best results. Never have this procedure done and not see them again.

-Make facial expressions in your mirror to make sure everything looks even. You just really do not see in your face what other people see since generally the times you look in the mirror, you’re not laughing, talking and smiling and making your daily facial expressions.

-Ask a close friend to look and see if they notice anything looking “off.”

What are friends for, right?

So while Botox is an incredible procedure for lessening the appearance of wrinkles, it’s hard to ensure perfection every time. The last thing you want is to look unnatural so be sure to follow my expert advice and if you’d like to keep a cosmetic procedure a secret, read this article.


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    I’ve had Botox done by a board certified dermatologist for several years, and NEVER had to go back because something was “uneven”. I would be scared to have someone tell me I have to come back because of that reason. I personally think a doctor should be consulted when considering this procedure. Afterall, It is your face.

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