Are You A Frequent Flier? Be Sure To Wear Sunscreen In An Airplane

SKIN FACT: UV light is an enemy in the quest for younger-looking skin. Research shows that 78% of premature skin aging is due to incidental exposure, which is when your skin is in daylight when you’re not intentionally trying to get sun exposure. Flying in an airplane is an example of incidental exposure. When you’re in an airplane, you’re 30,000 feet closer to the sun and its skin damaging rays. In fact, airline pilots and cabin crews appear to a high risk of developing skin cancer since windshields and windows on airplanes only filter out about 50% of dangerous ultraviolet  (UVA) rays. It is these UVA rays that are responsible for the damage to the DNA in cells and lead to premature wrinkles, brown spots and visible aging.

On a recent trip back from Istanbul, I was on a 10-hour flight, all of which was in daylight. The light was super bright and it shined all ten of its hours of wrinkle-causing rays on my skin.

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Since I didn’t have the window seat, I couldn’t ask the woman next to me to close the shades so I dusted my skin every few hours with my favorite ColoreScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder, (even though I had applied Daily Protection SPF 30 as my moisturizer before I left the hotel that morning).

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Never underestimate the skin damage you get whenever your skin sees daylight—especially on an airplane. Keep your skin protected with sunscreen and mineral blocking SPF powders throughout your flight to keep your skin looking youthful. The effort is worth the investment because UV light will age your skin faster than anything else—even smoking.

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