Your Daily Skin Care Routine is What Matters Most

A  few weeks back, I consulted with a client about her skin. Whenever I consult with a client, I always start by asking their age and what their three top skin concerns are, in order of priority. She was 38 years old and her concerns were anti-aging, wrinkles and brown spots. As we discussed her skin, she told me that she doesn’t really commit much time to it, but she was ready to start caring for it since she’s seeing signs of aging set in.

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I talked with her in detail about the products that would be most beneficial for her skin (she is a skin type #6 from my nine skin types) and as I was explaining each product to her, she mentioned to me that she could only afford to get two products. No problem. As with many people who don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, I completely respected her request and suggested the two most important products to start with (Vitamin C&E Treatment and Daily Protection SPF 30)…

She then asked me something that completely caught me off guard. “I’m thinking of getting Restylane for the wrinkles on my face. What do think about that?”

What surprised me is that she expressed that she can’t afford to invest in a lot of skin care products to improve the health and appearance of her skin long-term, but apparently she can afford to have an expensive procedure that will offer her a quick fix for the short-term.

While everyone will spend their money how they wish, I believe investing in your daily skin care routine is money well spent. Caring for your skin morning and night with a good skin care routine, using products exclusively for your skin type, is the foundation for beautiful younger-looking skin — which you can build upon with chemical peels, facial treatments, Botox Cosmetic, and cosmetic fillers if you so choose.

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As to what I think about clients wanting to get cosmetic fillers?

I think of injectables like I do about liposuction. The procedure will give you results, but it doesn’t mean you never have to work out again. How you care for your skin every day at home will make the biggest difference of all.

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