What’s a Good Cleanser for Sensitive, Delicate Skin?

Cleansing is one of the most over-looked steps of a skin care regimen. Many will splurge on expensive moisturizers or serums, but skimp on their cleanser. It’s so important to understand that washing with a cleanser that leaves your skin tight and dry has stripped your skin of essential moisture. Skin cells are like fish and they need water to live. The remedy for this is to quickly put on a moisturizer to put back the very thing that was just taken out of the skin…hydration! The cause of this is the common cleansing agent found in many gel/foaming cleansers—Sodium or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. These ingredients are extremely harsh detergents that raise the pH balance of the skin resulting in tight, dry and irritated skin. I suggest that you avoid using sulfates in your cleansers, so skin never feels dry after washing.

The Cleanser: Purifying Face Wash protect skin’s delicate protective barrier with its sulfate-free formulation of plant-derived cleansing agents.  These cleansing agents leave skin feeling beautifully clean and comfortable through the cleansing process without dryness or irritation.

Who it’s for: Skin Type #4 and those with sensitive, combination/normal, red, easily-irritated skin. (See our nine skin types)

What’s in it:

Green Tea (Camellia Oleifera) – soothing plant antioxidants that calm skin during cleansing process…

Sea Whip – has the strongest soothing action of all sea plants

Allantoin – soothing agent

Sodium Lauroyl Oat Amino Acids – mild cleansing agent from oats

This cleansing gel does not contain Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, parabens, dyes or artificial fragrances and is safe for very sensitive skin.

Why you should use it: If have a hard time finding a cleanser for your sensitive skin that doesn’t leave it feeling tight and irritated, then you’ll love Renée Rouleau Purifying Face Wash!

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