Three Facial Features that Will Guarantee You’ll Look Younger Longer

When it comes to how your skin will age, there are three facial characteristics that we are genetically given (or not given) that can predict if you’ll maintain a more youthful appearance well into your later years.

1. A chubby face. If you are someone that the first place that shows weight gain is in your face (like myself), this means that you have an increased number of fat cells (pads) in your skin. While a chubby face may have been frustrating in your younger years, especially seeing yourself in pictures (I know it was for me), consider yourself lucky since it is essential for a youthful look. As we age, we lose that plumpness in our skin which is why many people pay thousands of dollars to have their face injected with their own fat or cosmetic dermal fillers to prevent a hollow, sunken in look…

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2. A strong, firm neckline. This is also key to youthful-looking skin, since this is often the first area to lose its tone and show signs of sagging.  A key component in a facelift and certainly a neck lift is to tighten that skin back up to get rid of a “turkey neck”. (I recommend using Intensive Firming Serum on both the face and neck to encourage skin firming.)

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3. High cheekbones. Of the three, if you’re blessed with nice, high prominent cheekbones, you definitely hit the jackpot. The skin in your face will not lose its tone as much since it gets “hung up” on the cheekbone and doesn’t drop as quickly. People pay a lot of money to have cheek implants put in since this is known to be the key to a young-looking face.

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But aside from genetics, you can definitely have a say in the matter of how your skin ages by using sunscreen 365 days a year faithfully (I love Daily Protection SPF 30), following a good skin care routine formulated for your skin type (choose your skin type), eating a healthy, well-balanced diet loaded with fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of beauty rest, managing stress and getting professional skin treatments for an additional skin boost.

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