Sun Safety Tips For Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is almost here and for many people, this patriotic holiday represents time spent outdoors with family and friends. The sun is getting stronger this time of year so sun safety is especially important.

Shade is not a sunscreen. It’s a common misconception that when at the beach or by the pool, if you’re in the shade under a tree or umbrella that you’re safe from the sun. While this does put you at less risk for getting a sunburn since you’re out of direct sunlight, you are still at great risk for the damaging rays that lead to wrinkles and possibly skin cancer.

Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas–generously. Did you know that an SPF 30 only protects the skin 4% more than an SPF 30? And as you go up in number, this percentage lowers. The real truth behind sun protection is not the SPF number, but how generously you apply it. Published medical studies have shown that most people apply 1/3 to 1/2 the recommended dose of sunblock. A little dab won’t do ya! First thing in the morning, I apply a thick coat to the face, neck, ears, tops of hands and chest (my exposed areas of skin) for an important defense against the UV rays given off from the sun. Since the skin on my face is oily and acne-prone (I’m a skin type #2 in my nine skin types), and since sunblock should be applied generously, it is so important to find one that is formulated for your skin type and won’t feel greasy or cause breakouts. I use my Daily Protection SPF 30, which gives both UVA and UVB protection and dries to a matte finish on the skin. It works amazing under my makeup since it’s so light–I love it…

Apply mineral powder to reapply sunscreen. You’ve always heard how important it is to apply sunblock every 2 hours, yet if you should have full makeup on this weekend, this may not be practical. SPF-infused mineral powders are all the rage these days, and have a natural sunblock built in them (usually a minimum SPF 20). Keep one in your handbag and dust it on your skin throughout the day since direct sunlight, as well as the oils your skin naturally produces can degrade protection. I also dust mine on the tops of my hands since my morning application of sunblock will wash off when I wash my hands. I personally use ColoreScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder available for purchase on my website here.

For more sun safety tips, read my blog posts below. Have a safe and wonderful weekend, I know I plan to!

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