Renée’s Must-Have Products for Spring!

With Spring here, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your skin care products and possibly make changes to your skin care regimen. While I don’t believe that your skin “gets used” to skin care products, I do believe that introducing a new product or two every change of season will give your skin a boost of new ingredients.

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Here’s a few of my favorite products to use this time of year.

Skin Correcting Serum
This is one of my favorite products to help prevent breakouts–in a non-drying, non-irritating way. This serum works from the inside out to strengthen your skin’s defense system to help normalize the skin and decrease sensitivity. Unlike many products for treating acne, this product doesn’t just work on the surface to dry up blemishes but rather within the skin to lessen breakouts.

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Azulene Gel Mask
I’m a huge fan of doing mini facials at home with masks, in between regular monthly facials. A mask gives your skin an added boost of nourishment, above and beyond your every day routine. Especially during the Spring when my skin feels less dry, I love treating it to a cooling, hydrating mask to infuse water deep into the skin cells. I often use this after working out to calm down my skin’s circulation and make it less red…

Vitamin C Mask
I’ll use this mask when I want to brighten up my skin and get it feeling fresh and clean. The Vitamin C helps to give a dose of antioxidants to get the skin glowing, while the non-drying clays work to absorb oil and clear the pores.

Daily Protection SPF 30
Without a doubt, this is my very favorite product that I can’t live without. As someone who can’t stand anything feeling heavy on my skin, this powerful sunscreen gives my skin the protection it needs from daily UV rays while feeling extremely lightweight and grease-less. SPF must be applied generously in order to protect the skin (Read: A Little Dab Won’t Do Ya When it Comes to Sunscreen), so I love that this moisturizer leaves a dry, matte feeling.

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