Renée’s Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

As time marches on, our appearance changes, and certainly not always for the better. I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way, so follow these to put your best face and best self forward.

1.  Wear a brighter blush

I often hear from my clients “my skin looks dull and no longer has a glow.” While there certainly my be some issues of under circulation within the skin, as well as the fact that we lose capillaries in the skin as we age, resulting in less blood flow and therefore less nutrients coming to the skin, your skin can be left looking dull and tired. Check out our Glow Enhancing Cream which is sure to give your skin a radiance!

One suggestion that I do myself and suggest to my clients is a trick that I learned while having my makeup done. When the makeup artist applied my blush, which was a soft, peach color, he then took a second blush, a bright, hot pink color, and dusted it on my cheeks…

From looking at the color, I was convinced I was going to look like a clown, but surprisingly it just gave a pretty flush to my skin, almost like being in love.

Brightening up your blush color with pink is a simple and easy way to see yourself in a new light. Go for the glow!

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2. Maintain your eyebrow definition

As you age, the outer half of our eyebrows loses its shape and definition, partly due to the natural aging process and partly from over-tweezing when you were younger. You then need to use an eyebrow pencil to re-create a stronger, more defined eyebrow shape. When doing this, women will generally follow along their natural shape–but this is where the problem lies. Starting in your mid 40’s, your eyebrow will drop due to loss of tone in the skin resulting in the lack of an upward eye-opening arch.

Trick: As crazy as this sounds, tweeze ALL of the outer half of your eyebrows. (Yes, literally remove what I know you are trying desperately to keep.) Then, take your eyebrow pencil and create a new outer half with a higher arch. You’ve now just given yourself an instant eye lift taking years off your looks in the process!

Bottom line: Why accentuate the shape of a 50 year old flat eyebrow when you can create a younger, more youthful-looking shape of a 30 year old? Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, having a strong, nicely arched eyebrow matters.

(By the way, I learned this tip from our fabulous permanent makeup artist, Cees Penning who does this when he performs permanent makeup. See his amazing work here.)

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3. Use contouring techniques with makeup

One of my celebrity clients shared this helpful trick with me. As you get older, not only is it important to update your makeup to follow the trends, but also to seek professional advice to make sure that your makeup is providing necessary enhancement. It’s too easy to fall into the same old, same old routine with makeup and look the same day in and day out. So not only is it helpful to update your routine and makeup, but the real secret that celebrity makeup artists use is all about learning the tricks to contouring and shading to enhance your best features and play down your weakest areas, such as making a fuller face look slimmer and cheekbones look higher. Now, we all can’t go to celebrity makeup artists to have this technique done, but you certainly can learn it yourself. Some of the big makeup lines (particularly MAC) offers classes where they can teach you how to develop these contouring tricks, for not only special occasions but for your everyday look as well. So consider looking into learning the art of contouring.

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4. Never underestimate the power of clothes

What you wear, and how you wear it can make a huge impact, both positively and negatively, on how you present yourself to the world. What does baggy sweatpants versus a cute pair of colored skinny jeans say about you? The late Charla Krupp who has since passed away from breast cancer wrote two great books that I highly recommend, How Not to Look Old and How to Never Look Fat Again. If you want to look your best at any age, she offers amazing tips and tricks.

5. Exfoliate often, but gently

The quickest, easiest way to get smoother skin is to exfoliate often to remove surface, dry skin cells that can cause the skin to look wrinkly and older. Literally, just one use of a facial scrub can give you instantly smoother skin. If you want even better results, add in an exfoliating acid serum that continues to work over time to smooth the texture of the skin, making you look younger. These are simple products that can easily be used at home and can make a world of difference with your skin. But when it comes to exfoliation, many people love how it changes their skin, so they figure it they do it more often, they can get even more results. This can be true, but too much can create irritation, inflammation, increased breakouts, and dryness, which can negate the positive results. I recommend using a mild facial scrub (Mint Buffing Beads) two to three times a week, and an exfoliating acid serum (see our Glycolic Acid Smoothing Serums) seven nights on/seven nights off under moisturizer and repeat. For an added boost, you can use an at-home skin peel like Triple Berry Smoothing Peel twice a month.

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