How Often Should Sunscreen Be Worn on the Face?

People who are interested in preventing their skin from premature aging caused by the sun know that wearing sunscreen is important. However, a common misconception about wearing sunscreen is that it only needs to be worn in the summer, or on sunny days, or when you are in contact with direct sunlight.

Research indicates that 78% of all sun damage incurred in lifetime is from incidental exposure. This type of exposure is from all the times when you’re not at the beach or pool, and usual instances of this type of exposure are from driving your car, walking down the street, working in your home/office near windows.

UVA rays are responsible for changing the DNA in the skin causing premature aging and skin cancer. Additionally, UVA rays are approximately the same strength from summer to winter and can penetrate through clouds and windows. So knowing this, sunscreen should be built into your daily moisturizer and worn during all daylight hours, 365 days a year, rain or shine and indoors or outdoors. By faithfully committing to wearing sun protection daily, you will dramatically reduce how quickly your skin ages and your skin will thank you for years to come.

The key to wearing sunscreen is to find a formula that is compatible with your skin type and to apply it to your face and neck generously. A small amount applied will not offer full protection.

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If you have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin and require a sunscreen that dries to a matte finish, use Daily Protection SPF 30with 7% Zinc Oxide.

If you have sensitive, normal-to-dry skin and require a moisturizing (yet non-greasy) sunscreen, use chemical-free, all-mineral Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 with 20% Zinc Oxide.

As extra insurance to keep those damaging rays out, dust on an SPF mineral powder like my personal favorite ColorScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder. It makes touching up throughout the day really easy.

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