Have You Tried Our Night Time Spot Lotion?

night_time_spot_lotion_reneerouleauThe Night Time Spot Lotion is a problem skin treatment to heal break outs fast by using a blend of powerful disinfecting ingredients. Formulated for surface infected blemishes, this night time spot treatment uses Camphor, Zinc Oxide and Sulfur to encourage a speedy recovery. The result…beautiful skin by Renée Rouleau!  Night Time Spot Lotion can also be used on body breakouts such as the back and chest area.

How to use: Shake well, open, and dip in a Q-tip.  The trick is to put it exactly on the blemish itself; if you put it on the skin where there is no infection, it will dry out the skin.

Night Time Spot Lotion contains these powerful ingredients…

  • Zinc Oxide – dries out and kills bacteria, as well as calms inflammation
  • Sulfur – very drying agent, kills bacteria
  • Magnesium Carbonate – calming anti-bacterial agent
  • Camphor – antiseptic
  • Chamomile Extract – calming, anti-inflammatory to reduce redness, healing
  • Allantoin – calming and soothing to reduce redness
  • Menthol Oil – dries the blemish

Learn how to treat the various types of blemishes for a quick, scar-free recovery.

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