Got Brown Spots? Avoid Vigorous Rubbing Of The Skin

Skin Care Tip: If you are someone who struggles with brown spots and discoloration, avoid vigorous rubbing and wiping of the skin (washcloth, rotating facial brush and picking) as this can stimulate melanin activity.

Here are two examples that I personally discovered:

When I go to the gym, I wear a sweatband around my wrist to easily wipe the sweat from my forehead when I’m working out. But about six months after I started doing this, I started to notice that I was developing some dark brown patches on my forehead, in the exact location where I would wipe the sweatband. I always knew that trauma (like a cut or scrape) to the skin can stimulate melanin activity but didn’t think something as simple as wiping my forehead would cause brown spots.

The second example is about picking. I am a former picker. I admit it. I used to be a terrible picker. I’ve always said that I went into this profession so I could do what I love—picking! And I justified my own picking problem by saying “I’m licensed. I know what I’m doing.”  Luckily, I gave up picking in 2001 (as a New Year resolution) and my skin has never been happier. But due to my hormonal changes as I age, the trauma that was caused from my years of picking has now developed into brown spots. Your skin cells have a memory and my past is coming back to haunt me…

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Luckily, with regular exfoliating facials, daily SPF, our amazing Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, Vitamin C &E Treatment and a good home care routine (I’m a skin type #2), it’s gone.

But the bottom line is to treat your skin very delicately and use good quality skin care product recommended for your skin type. Use baby washcloths instead of regular wash cloths, and avoid vigorous rubbing and picking.

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