Four Tips For The Perfect Sunless Tan

Updated 12/11/14. As any smart skin care consumer knows, getting a tan from a bottle is far safer for the skin than exposing your skin to the damaging UV rays given off by the sun.

But before you swipe, spray and mist your way to a summer glow, prep your skin so your tan goes on smooth and lasts. Here’s four helpful tips to get the perfect sunless tan!

1. Exfoliate! The key to smooth application of self-tanner is exfoliation. You have to remove dead skin cells and dry skin build up so self-tanner will adhere to new, healthy skin cells. This well help your tan last longer. Choose an exfoliator that doesn’t have oil in it – this sometimes leaves behind a residue that will prevent your self-tanner from holding onto your skin. I love using this Exfoliating Body Cloth (or you can use a loofah glove) prior to applying a self-tanner…

How do you know when to exfoliate? Try this: Take a piece of clear tape, rub it gently onto your skin and remove. Look at the tape and if there are little pieces of flaky skin on it, exfoliate!

Don’t moisturize. We know, after you exfoliate you’re supposed to moisturize. But oils from your lotions will make it tough for your self-tanner to adhere. Make sure your skin is completely dry before you apply.

You might want to show off your new hue by the pool, but don’t jump in right away. Most tanners suggest waiting 3 hrs before showering or swimming.

Follow these simple rules and enjoy a long-lasting, sun-free, damage-free glow!

Here’s a few more helpful tips:

-Pull long hair back into a smooth ponytail or bun before applying the formula to the face to avoid any gaps in color at the hairline.
-Always wash the palms of hands and in between fingers immediately after use to avoid unwanted buildup of color.
-If showering immediately prior, make sure skin is completely dry before applying any self-tanner; even slight dampness can impede the color development.
-To maintain color and encourage even fading in the days after you’ve self-tanned, keep skin well-moisturized day and night.

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