Esthetician Spotlight: Meet Grainne

Grainne is a lead esthetician at Renée Rouleau Skin Care Spas and sees clients both in our Dallas, Texas and Plano, Texas locations. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced esthetician and I’m excited to profile her here on my blog.

Name: Grainne (pronounced like Gronya)

Hometown: Aldershot – a large army town in the south east of England

Renée Rouleau esthetician since: November 1997

Skin Type Number: #5 which is classified as normal, sensitive, red, anti-aging. Have you chosen your skin type yet? See our nine skin types here.

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What are YOUR top three skin concerns? Age Prevention, Hyperpigmentation, Sensitivity/Rosacea…

What is your favorite Renée Rouleau Skin Care product and why? Of all the products in the Renée Rouleau line, my absolute favorite is Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, because it smells so good and really smooths and brightens up my skin. Even though I have rosacea and very sensitive skin, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I use it twice a month. My client’s love it too. See Triple Berry Smoothing Peel here.

How is Renée Rouleau Skin Care different from other skin care spas and/or lines?
 Renée’s passion for skin care shows in how she runs her business. She tries to have the right product for every skin complaint so as an esthetician, it gives me a lot to work with to help solve my client’s skin concerns–and truly give them amazing results. Read more about how the Renée Rouleau products compare to other skin care lines here.

Why did you decide to become an esthetician and what is your favorite part of the job? I struggled with my own skin when I was a teenager, so that’s really what got me interested in the beauty business.  I liked the idea of helping people solve their skin care problems.

What is something outside of work that you enjoy? I love reading fantasy fiction.

Do you have any advice for aspiring estheticians? Keep learning. The skin care industry is constantly changing so it’s important to keep up with the latest discoveries. One of the easiest ways to keep learning is through Renée’s blog. See it here. I’m constantly telling both esthetician’s and my client’s to read it because there is so much great skin care information.

What is your favorite skin care tip to share with clients?
 Wear a sunscreen every day. It’s the easiest and simplest way to slow down aging and protect your skin from skin cancer. I’m especially loving the ColoreScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder. It’s so easy to dust on both me and my children so I never have to worry about sunburns or damage when outdoors. See the ColoreScience Mineral Powder here.

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Favorite movie: I have so many favorites that its hard to choose, if I have to pick one it “Singing in the Rain.”

Celebrity crush: Gilles Marini

Favorite TV show: Downton Abbey

TV show you watch, but are afraid to admit it: Trueblood

Best vacation: I spend all of my vacation time visiting family (in Europe and Austin), so I think my best vacation is yet to come. It will involve a Mediterranean cruise around Italy and Greece.

Schedule an appointment for a chemical peel or facial treatment with Grainne! For Dallas, Texas email us or call 214-735-4364 or for Plano, Texas email us or call 972-378-6655. For a complete list of services offered, click here or download our brochure.

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