Esthetician Spotlight: Meet Amanda

Name: Amanda

Hometown: Lake Havasu City, AZ

Renée Rouleau esthetician since: July 2014 (esthetician since 2013) 

Skin Type: # 2 Oily/ Combination/ Occasional Breakouts Anti-Aging. Have you chosen your skin type yet? Find your skin type.

What are YOUR top three skin concerns? Clogged pores, breakouts and age prevention

What is your favorite Renée Rouleau Skin Care product and why? I love Hawaiian Nourishing Cream! It really helps my dehydrated skin and doesn’t cause any breakouts, at all!

How is Renée Rouleau Skin Care different from other skin care spas and/or lines? Renée’s passion and knowledge of the skin shines through in her product line. There really are products for every unique skin type. I also love that she uses proven ingredients, but leaves out all the unnecessary fragrance, dyes and fillers.

Why did you decide to become an esthetician and what is your favorite part of the job? My struggle with breakouts inspired me to learn more about skin care. The more research I did, the more interested I became and I knew I had found my passion! I love being able to help people and bring back their confidence.

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What is something outside of work that you enjoy? I love country swing dancing!

Do you have any advice for aspiring estheticians? Don’t give up! This industry can be tough, but if you stick with it and keep learning it will be extremely rewarding.

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What is your favorite skin care tip to share with clients? Use a good quality sunscreen everyday! It may seem redundant, but it really is that important. Here are some great sunscreens.

Favorite movie: I don’t actually have a favorite movie. There are way too many good ones to choose from.

Celebrity crush: Adam Levine

Favorite TV show: Currently, I love The Blacklist. James Spader is great in it!

TV show you watch, but are afraid to admit it: The Bachelor

Best vacation: I really enjoyed my trip to Calgary a few years ago. Banff and Lake Louise were absolutely beautiful.

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