Esthetician Spotlight: Meet Alison

Name: Alison

Hometown: Keller, Texas

Renée Rouleau esthetician since: March 2012 (esthetician for 9 years)

Skin Type #: 6 which is classified as normal/anti-aging. Have you chosen your skin type yet? See our nine skin types here.

What are YOUR top three skin concerns? Hyper pigmentation, clogged pores on nose and age prevention

What is your favorite Renée Rouleau Skin Care product and why? I love the Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 paired with the Vitamin C&E Treatment. I like that the SPF does not smell like typical sunscreen. It hydrates without being heavy or irritating. It gets me excited to use sunscreen!

How is Renée Rouleau Skin Care different from other skin care spas and/or lines? It has the best ingredients without filler or lots of heavy fragrance. There is a product for everyone and you see the difference once you switch…

Why did you decide to become an esthetician and what is your favorite part of the job? I had horrible skin from age 15-17. It was acneic and very oily. I tried everything! I never went to an esthetician because I did not know there was such a thing. Once my skin cleared up and my confidence was restored, I knew I wanted to use my talents to help people with their skin so that they can look and feel their best too.

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What is something outside of work that you enjoy? I love being with my dog and my fiancée (cliché I know) We are pretty low key and just like trying out new restaurants and being with friends and family. I also love going to the gym and taking new fitness classes.

Do you have any advice for aspiring estheticians? Always educate yourself. School prepares you but all the learning will come from work experience over the years and self-education. You will have a great platform to help people feel and look better. Have confidence and believe that you can conquer anything you set out to do!

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What is your favorite skin care tip to share with clients? Apply sunscreen every day, rain or shine.  Also, always wash your face at night and use an anti-aging moisturizer!

• Favorite movie: The Notebook
• Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling hubba hubba!
• Favorite TV show: Modern Family
• TV show you watch, but are afraid to admit it: The Real Housewives
• Best vacation: Hopefully my honeymoon to Playa in November!

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