Does Living In A Rainy Climate Cause You To Have Fewer Wrinkles?

There are many cities around the world that are known to have more rain and therefore fewer sunny days. Two that come to mind are the cities of Seattle and London. Since there is less exposure to the direct sun due to spending more time indoors or under an umbrella, do people actually look younger and have fewer wrinkles in these rainy cities?

With family in Seattle and my international travels to London with my growing company, I have had the opportunity to observe skin in both these cities and based on my observations, the answer is no. People do not have fewer wrinkles in rainier climates. The reason for this is simply that the sun does not have to be shining in order to get skin damage.

There are two types of rays: UVA rays and UVB rays. UVB rays are the skin-tanning and skin-burning rays that increase melanin in the skin and give your skin color. The UVA rays are the aging rays that cause premature lines and wrinkles, as well as skin cancer. In the case of living in a rainier climate, despite people perhaps spending more time indoors, UVA rays from daylight can still penetrate through windows in your car, home, or office. So when it is raining, people are exposed to these. Even under an umbrella, on a rainy day, there is still daylight that reflects on the skin…

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TIP: The simplest way to tell if you are exposed to damaging UV rays is to wave your hand an inch above your arm, and if you can see a shadow, you are getting the UVA rays that cause your skin to age. I’ve always said that sunscreen should really be called daylight screen, because daylight is truly the problem, not the sun, and this is certainly the case for people living in rainier climates as well.

The truth remains: wearing a sunscreen moisturizer 365 days a year, rain or shine, no matter where you live, is truly the best anti-aging strategy of all. I personally wear Daily Protection SPF 30 every day. It’s a broad-spectrum sunblock that is lightweight and greaseless and will not clog the pores. You’ll love it!

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