Celebrity Skin Profile: Eva Amurri Martino

Recently, I sat down with my friend (and Los Angeles client!), actress Eva Amurri Martino, who’s starred on everything from How I Met Your Mother to New Girl and The Mindy Project. We talked about everything from how she keeps her skin glowing with a hectic life to the best beauty advice her mom — Susan Sarandon, maybe you’ve heard of her? — ever gave her. 

Describe your general beauty routine. Do you have any advice on keeping skin beautiful?
“I like to keep it simple, especially because I travel often and don’t like to interrupt my routine or have to pack too much. In general, I love products without lots of chemicals or additives. I also love making my own face masks at home with raw, local honey and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The oil and raw honey are both antimicrobial and soothing, but the honey adds a softness, too. I find that drinking vegetable juice gives my skin a nice glow as well.”

What three beauty products are must-haves for you?
“Since getting pregnant, I’m pretty tired — and I look it! Your Vitamin C Eye Brightener helps brighten and depuff under my eyes, and I use your Pure Radiance Mask and Pro Remedy Oil on my baby bump to fight off stretch marks and help improve elasticity. I also use Shu Uemura’s Satin Design Polishing Milk religiously. I use heat to style my hair often, but adding some of this near my ends before I blow dry helps my color-treated hair stay strong and soft.”

What’s your favorite beauty treatment to indulge in?
“I love deep tissue massages. I think they’re relaxing for the body and mind, and I always think a woman absolutely glows after a good massage.”

How has your beauty routine changed now that you are pregnant?
“I am even more vigilant now about what’s going in and on my body. That said, I try not to be crazy about it — sometimes a pimple pops up and you need that extra-powered zit cream to tackle it! I’m also super-strict about moisturizing my bump; I’m eight months in and I don’t have any stretch marks yet, so hopefully it’s working!”

With a busy schedule, what’s your favorite way to get time for yourself?
“I love reading with a cup of tea on the deck outside my bedroom, watching a movie, or taking a warm bath with Epsom salts. With a baby on the way, it’s important to me to take advantage of the last of my quiet time before the world as I know it changes forever!”

What’s the best beauty advice your mom ever gave you?
“Wear sunscreen! I listen more now than I did in my early twenties, and I will definitely be imparting the same wisdom to my daughter.” She uses Renée Rouleau Daily Protection SPF 30.

What are your favorite drugstore beauty picks?
“I like Alba Organics, Epsom salts, Eos lip balm, and L’Oréal’s Power Volume Mascara.”

Tell me about your most recent project.
“I guest-starred on the first season of NBC’s Undateable, which airs at 9 p.m. on Thursdays with back-to-back episodes. I started out doing one or two episodes as Chris D’Elia’s love interest, and then they couldn’t get me to leave, so I finished out the season! It’s a great group and a terrific show — all the guys are stand up comedians — so it’s really fun to watch!

Update: Eva has since given birth to her beautiful baby girl, Marlowe Mae.

“Obsessed with Pro Remedy Oil! It got me through my pregnancy with ZERO stretch marks!”

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