Which Celebrity Had The Best Skin At The 2014 Oscars?

What a fun night it was to be live tweeting and posting commentary on Facebook during the E! Red Carpet and Academy Awards show. I shared my expert tips, tricks and personal opinions of the celebrities as they walked down the red carpet.While there were so many beautiful people in attendance, I have to say that I thought the skin of Sandra Bullock stood out to me as the best. Why? Simply because she looks so incredibly good at 49 years old! It doesn’t appear as though she’s had too much of anything injected into her face and she has a natural glow, inside and out. In Hollywood, there is intense pressure to look young forever and celebrities have to be very careful to have a balance of keeping their skin smooth and supple, yet not overdoing anything. Whatever you’re doing, Sandra, it’s working.

Here’s a recap of some of the posts I made on Twitter.

Anna Kendrick is in her 20’s and has glowing skin! Skin Tips for age 20+ > http://bit.ly/zxd8mC

Oliva Wilde is pregnant. Here’s the advice I would give her to prevent stretch marks > http://bit.ly/1eIztjq

Kristen Bell is 33. This is a time to start getting serious about caring for your skin. Daily sunscreen is a must to prevent damage.

For fair, sensitive skin like Amy Adams has, microdermabrasion is too aggressive and should be avoided. It can tug at capillaries too much.

Pharrell Williams is looking great at age 40! His skin is nice and even toned. He must be taking good care of it. #ERedCarpet #2014Oscars

Maybe that big hat that Pharrell Williams has worn recently is what is keeping his skin shaded from the sun!

Holy gorg cheekbones Chrissy Teigen! Here’s THREE genetic traits that will ensure you’ll look younger longer http://bit.ly/1bvcUPA  #oscars

Lupita Nyong’o is 31 and has gorgeous skin! Here’s skin tips for women and men of color in their 30s > http://bit.ly/1hyTFVf

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s skin is looking under circulated. He’s a smoker. Here’s my tips to save his skin http://bit.ly/1hDEJ7I  #2014oscars

Wow. Bette Midler is in her late 60’s and is aging so gracefully! Skin Tips for age 60+ > http://bit.ly/b1Hr7a

I’m the same age as Cate Blanchett (44) and we have similar types of fair skin. Here’s my skin MAKEUP-FREE > http://bit.ly/1hdU3uJ

One word to describe the #ERedCarpet. Décolleté! If you’re not caring for this area, you need to start NOW > http://bit.ly/oHJ1qF

How cute is Liza Minnelli and her blue hair streak? At 67, why not?

It takes a confident woman to age gracefully in Hollywood. Bravo to you, Sally Field#Oscars

With the exception of a few, I’m really not seeing anyone looking too over-filled or over-frozen? Love seeing a lot of natural-looking faces at the #oscars. Agree?

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