Can Your Cleanser Multi-Task? Our Gentle Gel Cleanser Can

gentle_gel_cleanserOur Gentle Gel Cleanser is a soap-free, sulfate-free, non-drying silky gel cleanser to clean dry, sensitive and delicate skin while leaving the skin’s protective moisture barrier intact. Skin feels remarkably clean, fresh and moist, without the dryness and irritation often associated with bar soaps and foaming cleansers. This formula does not contain artificial fragrance or dyes.

Other uses for Gentle Gel Cleanser:

-A woman’s shaving gel for sensitive skin prone to razor bumps and irritation. Try it on your legs. You’ll love it!

-Men can wash and shave their faces with it. Shaving foams have too much air in them so they don’t truly soften the skin. Gels creates excellent slip, softens and lubricates the skin, and puts a protective barrier between the razor and skin so the end result is a clean shave with less irritation. (Ugly Betty star, Michael Urie uses it to wash and shave his skin!)  …

-A shower gel for those prone to yeast infections. Because it’s sulfate-free and extremely mild, we’ve had many clients say that using this as a shower gel has significantly lessened their yeast infections.

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