Can Eating Pickles Cause Under Eye Puffiness?

For those who visit our skin care spas, you know that we take clients until 9:00 pm during the week. For us estheticians, that means eating dinner well after 9:00. Years ago, I would go to a little hamburger place every night for a turkey burger, and because I adore pickles (I have been known to drink pickle juice), I would load my burger up with pickles.

During this period, I battled with tremendous under eye puffiness when I awoke in the morning. It seemed to have come on quickly and I couldn’t figure out why. I would sleep with my head elevated, place frozen bags of peas on my eyes in the morning, apply eye gels— anything to help prevent and control this condition…

After a period of time, the hamburger place went out of business, and I decided to start bringing my dinner, which usually consisted of a salad, to work. Low and behold, my under eye puffiness magically went away! After long thought, I determined that it was the high amounts of sodium from the pickles, eaten late at night that retained fluids around my eyes resulting in morning under eye puffiness!

If you struggle with under eye puffiness, watch what you eat at night to see if the food is the problem. If you are trying to avoid puffiness under the eyes (especially before an important event), it’s best to avoid salty, high-sodium foods and drink a lot of water to flush your system.

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