Are You Using Your Skin Care Products Properly?

Using skin care products incorrectly due to not following instructions is a mistake made by many people. When instructions are given to you by an esthetician or skin care professional or written on the product itself, it’s very important to follow them. Many issues created by skin care products that seem to not work or cause non-favorable reactions, can be resolved by simply using the product correctly.

For example, some people feel that when they are using products to reduce breakouts, it’s best to use them more often so that they will work better. However in the case of acid serums, this is not a good practice. Acid serums like those that contain glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid (try Renée Rouleau AHA Smoothing Serum 17%) are designed to reduce clogged pores and breakouts to promote clearer skin. They should not be over-used because too much exfoliation can actually increase breakouts for some people due to  irritation and inflammation…

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Another common mistake I see with acid serums is that people will use them during the day. This is not suggested because acid serums are used to repair the skin and reparative treatments should be performed in the evening when the skin is at rest. Products with protective properties such as SPF and antioxidants should be used during the day.

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I have also found that some clients use cleaning lotions (also referred to as cream or lotion-based cleansers) incorrectly. I can’t speak for all companies that make cleansing lotions, but I recommend that to properly dissolve make up from the skin (which is what a cleansing lotion is formulated to do), you must apply it to dry skin first and then work it through before adding water. It is the concentration of this product that emulsifies your make up and it is not as effective when used improperly. See my collection of gel cleansers and cleansing lotions. Occasionally, I’ll hear clients say they didn’t feel that a cleansing lotion removed their make up properly and, more often then not, I discover that it is because they applied it to damp skin.

I cannot stress the importance of making sure that you thoroughly read the instructions on the back of new skin care products before using them on your skin. Cosmetic formulators create products with certain intentions and using them as directed will give you the best results.

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When and how to use our products are indicated on the product containers, as well as on the product page on our website. Furthermore, extremely helpful step-by-step instructions for how to use our products are also outlined when you click on your skin type here.

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